Aruffo Residence

We custom design any furniture, accessories and lighting to enhance your project and make it unique!

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Aruffo Residence

Let us make your home feel like home! In business for over 25 years

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Aruffo Residence

We treat your project like a piece of art. We make your project unique

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Pasadena interior design company with 25+ years of experience

The vision at Parker West Interior has always revolved around the eclectic styles and desires of all our clients throughout Pasadena, San Marino, and La Cañada. We aim to find a balance between old and new design techniques in any given project that are both pleasing and functional to our clients. We seek to implement a fresh and innovative approach in each project, while staying true to the classic principles of design. Our team of seasoned designers always try to foster excellent rapport with each client. The high level of communication we have with vendors and contractors facilitates the completion of each project in a timely manner. We believe this approach will ensure that quality is sustained at all levels, while maintaining the highest degree of client satisfaction.

We take care
of your project
from blueprints to furnishings
In business for over 25 years

We can proudly say we have created and continue to create some of the best custom homes, inside and out. From custom bathrooms to custom furniture, we make sure everything is to your liking. Our team of fabricators, builders, iron workers, designers, and artisans are always a few steps away and ready to go in any direction you wish. We aim to create a custom design that matches the vision you’ve always had. From eclectic designs to vintage feels, we mold everything from the front to the end just the way you want. Our goal is to give you exactly what you envisioned. We are here to manage your projects, including visiting the property at least once a week during construction. We never take the easy road, instead, we solve all of our problems in house. Big or small, whenever we encounter issues midway through a project we carefully adjust the plans. If you want designers you can trust to handle the look and feel of your entire home, give us a call today!