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Greg Parker

Interior design has been one of the driving passions of my life. From earliest childhood I was rearranging someone’s living room (mostly in my head). I honestly thought everyone did this. I also began piano studies at age 9.

By the time I reached college age I decided I wanted to follow a career in music. I majored in both piano and voice while I studied at the Music Academy of the West and Westmont College in Santa Barbara. I went on to receive graduate degrees in piano and voice performance from the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, Maryland. After stints with regional opera companies in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, I moved back to the Los Angeles area to be closer to my family.

While in Los Angeles I realized that I needed to balance the design aspect of my nature with the musical aspect. I decided to go back to school and graduated with a B.S. in Interior Design from Woodbury University. The blending of music and design began to work itself out in my life. I lived and studied in Paris for six months while working for a design firm. When I returned to the U.S I finished my design degree and began to build my design business.

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Paul Heintz


Paul Heintz attended the University of Cincinnati and has a degree in both Fine Arts and Interior Design. After graduating he moved to South Pasadena with his wife and started his design career. Although he has only been working as an Interior Designer since 2013 he has been designing his whole life. While traveling as a kid he would often draw plans and sketches of the vacation homes his family stayed in. Paul enjoys creating simple yet intriguing designs that push the boundaries. He creates his spaces using simple furniture, lighting, colors and materials, but bringing them together in unconventional combinations. He turns to UK design magazines, blogs and Instagram for his daily inspiration.

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